Company Hallmarks


Our Hallmarks represent the values of our company and run through everything we do. They help us improve and develop and give our people aims to aspire to. Our Hallmarks apply to everyone in our company and all our contractors and we invite all our customers to rate us on our performance against the 4 Hallmarks.

Welcoming [Orange].png


     Set the tone, with the welcome.

Sharing [Orange].png


     Share what you know.

     - Are we welcoming?

     - Do we make you feel valued?

     - Was our service on time and did we meet our targets?

     - Does your training feel worthwhile?

     - Do you feel your trainer is knowledgeable?

     - Are deadlines and expectations shared and agreed?

Approachable [White].png
Caring [White].png


     Be there and invite others to approach you.


     Listen and make things better.

     - Do you feel you can approach our team member?

     - Do our suitable to your individual requirements?

     - Are our communications friendly?

     - Do you feel supported?

     - Do you feel like you are being treated how you should be?

     - If something's not right I feel I can talk to someone.

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