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Previously known as PhAce The Future, Phoenix4Training a Private Training Provider within the UK has grown substantially over the last 10 years. Delivering training far and wide across the UK with the help of our Freelance Assessors located all over the country, we are constantly embracing new advancements in the Training World to continue to deliver the best training we can to a diverse array of learners within a wide variety of industries and workplaces.


We have long cemented our place in the 21st Century by embracing the technological advancements of this era into our company, taking advantage of today’s Cloud Systems, making it easier for our Training and Assessment Team to access the resources and systems they need to deliver your training. We’ll always do our utmost to offer and deliver bespoke training options that suit your needs, “to help people realise their aspirations through guided learning”, providing the knowledge and experience that will help you either excel at your current role, aim for promotion, or begin your working career.

Job or Career?


We're offering bespoke online courses for you, to support you once you have your new job or career. You can start with one or more of the following short courses to get you going in your new job or career:

- Health and Social Care

- End of Life Care


- Business Administration

- Warehousing and Storage

- Equality and Diversity

- Performing Manufacturing Operations






- Mental Health Awareness

- Safe Handling of Medicines


- Customer Service

- Team Leading

- Employability Skills

Phoenix4Training can help you!


Want to find out more about any of the above course(s) that interest you?

Please contact either Mia or Malek on: 07564 930 560, or email:

- If you're interested you can arrange an online sign-up and induction to your chosen course(s)

All courses are currently delivered online through Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, and other video methods either one-to-one or in small groups.

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