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Previously known as PhAce The Future, Phoenix4Training a Private Training Provider within the UK has grown substantially over the last 10 years. Delivering training far and wide across the UK with the help of our Freelance Assessors located all over the country, we are constantly embracing new advancements in the Training World to continue to deliver the best training we can to a diverse array of learners within a wide variety of industries and workplaces.


We have long cemented our place in the 21st Century by embracing the technological advancements of this era into our company, taking advantage of today’s Cloud Systems, making it easier for our Training and Assessment Team to access the resources and systems they need to deliver your training. We’ll always do our utmost to offer and deliver bespoke training options that suit your needs, “to help people realise their aspirations through guided learning”, providing the knowledge and experience that will help you either excel at your current role, aim for promotion, or begin your working career.



We’re now delivering bespoke training delivered through workbooks. We can offer these either as standalone workbooks or offer a group of workbooks to come together as a bespoke course. Workbook courses allow the learner to complete their course at their own pace and in their own time. Similar to the knowledge and understanding some may be familiar with from Apprenticeships and Diplomas. Some workbook areas also allow for non-linear completion, where the learner can step away from a question and continue with the workbook. To return back to it when confident and ready to answer it.


As these workbooks have been created bespoke by us at Phoenix4Training, we can adapt them to suit the particular needs of different employers. By removing contents that aren’t necessary for you and implementing additional contents which are tailored to you.


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